Top 5 Book series to try in the RH Genre

  If you're wondering what RH stands for, RH is an acronym for Reverse Harem a subgenre to romance (in NA or New Adult and YA or Young Adult) that has taken the reading world by storm recently. Reverse Harem books focus on one female protagonist with multiple love interests. This awesome girl-power infested subgenre … Continue reading Top 5 Book series to try in the RH Genre

Love and Thunderstorms

Love The way we love doesn't define us, but it is a puzzle piece to the complexity of our personalities. In fiction, a hero or heroine can love multiple people and it's okay. It makes sense. In reality, it's not so easy. I am 22 years old and I have finally experienced love for the … Continue reading Love and Thunderstorms

The Land of T.M. Frazier

  T.M Frazier is best known for her King series. I had the first book in my TBR (to be read) pile for a while before a friend told me it needed to move up. Somehow, I actually listened for a change and within the first chapter I was hooked. I was reading it on … Continue reading The Land of T.M. Frazier

An Open Letter to the Person who Doesn’t Believe in Depression

My name is irrelevant. My story is a blip on the radar of the world. But, to me, it's all I have. I was once like you. I didn't believe in depression. To me, it was a word people used to over-exaggerate tiredness or loneliness or sadness. Now, depression is something I am quite familiar … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Person who Doesn’t Believe in Depression

5 Young Adult Series To Read

Books are a dime a dozen. Good books, though, aren't. I'm trying this thing where I set you guys up with books you hopefully haven't been introduced to yet. I'm wanting to shed some beautiful light on books that may have been overlooked. Some of these books are by famous authors, but they have been … Continue reading 5 Young Adult Series To Read