Complicated Parts: A Review

Complicated Parts


They say everyone has either an addiction, obsession, or weakness in this world. Something that can penetrate you down to the core and influence you in a way nothing else can. 
I have all three. 
One happens to be her. 

Kit Bishop is in my veins.
But unfortunately for me, she’s the drug I’ll never be able to indulge in and the high I can’t chase. 

Because I’m a liar. 
A thief. 
And I’ve destroyed everything that’s ever been mine. 

The Review

Ashley Jade has been one of my one-click buys ever since the first time I picked up Complicated Hearts: Part One (the series that spawned this new spin-off). And I can tell you this, I know Ashley must have been feeling nervous. 

Why? Well, because Complicated Parts features Kit and Preston – The younger Holden brother and Breslin’s lesbian best friend. That’s right, a lesbian and a straight guy. Of course, I understand her worry. I know likely people will want to cry foul because, unless Ashley does some sort of wonky pull the wool over our eyes and slips the rug out from under us (TBH, I’m not ruling that out after reading Blame it on the Shame… *shudders*), it’s pretty obvious that everyone’s rooting for Kit and Preston to end up together. 

Let me explain why they are PERFECT for each other. 

She calms and grounds him.

He doesn’t WANT to hurt her. He wants to PROTECT her. Which is something Kit needs. 

So, my suggestion is this: 

Read it. Before you make any snap judgments, read it. I can feel the pressure and time and love and pain the author put into this book and it’s worth it. I don’t care about the lack of sex, there’s a true building romance here. There’s a lot of pain and darkness (though, thankfully, not nearly as much as in B.I.O.T.S … *shudders again*). This book will make you believe in love across sexual orientation, across time, across space, and across societal expectations. And it reminds me why we don’t need labels in the first place. Because, in the end, love is love. 


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