I Am “Owned” by Jayne Blue (Book Review)

Jayne Blue’s Owned: Billionaire Alpha Romance series is everything that I need in an Adult Romance series. Jayne Blue literally owns me with this series.

There are five books: Owned by the Playboy, Owned by the Candidate, Owned by the Spy, Owned by the Prince, and Owned by the G-Man.

Nina Sharpe is a blonde, long-legged, busty, blue-eyed bombshell — which, honestly, had me rolling my eyes because of course she’s sexy as sin and the main character. Where is the justice for those of us who are just average looking? JUSTICE, DAMMIT. *Slams fist on desk.*


The beginning of the series already shows us that on top of being unfairly beautiful, Nina is strong, driven, smart, and talented. What we have here, folks, is a capable main character. Which is always a good thing to have. I mean, there are 5 books. I might have thrown myself out of a window if I had to deal with a clueless, shallow, bimbo for 5 books.


Nina is a top notch real estate agent with a top tier brokerage firm, and her bosses encourage her to take care of the closing meeting with Petra Vallin, a woman who strikes fear into the hearts of men and women alike. Petra is the President of Vallin Consulting, and the only thing anyone really knows about the company is that it deals with “human resources,” as Petra phrases it. There are tons of rumors surrounding Petra and her empire, each more ludicrous than the last, which is certainly an area of intrigue through the series. Long story short, there is drama at the closing meeting with the couple that is selling their house to Petra, and Nina quickly becomes fed up and demands that everyone get their shit together.


Interested? Click the link below to learn more. 

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