Butterfly by Anita Maxwell (Book Review)

Another Review? Yea, another review. Have I told you guys that I read everything I review? None of this is just pure lip service. Many of my reviews are requested, but I make sure to take the time to read each and every one. It just so happens that this one was short enough for me to speed through (I also happen to read faster when it gets me going…you’ll figure out what I mean as you read this newest review).


There’s sex. 


Not just “there’s sex,” but it’s pretty much the main part of the story. You’ve been warned. 

I’ll tell you one thing right now. I’ve never owned a butterfly vibrator, but I now feel like I should. 

Warning, not everyone will be comfortable with Anita Maxwell’s new short Butterfly. It has some ffm sexual relations. It has some (some? Try A FUCK LOAD) of BDSM traits. If you continue reading this review then you should understand you are taking it upon yourself to explore those aspects. 

It really was a short story. So, I’m not saying anything more…okay, one last thing. I need to find me a Husband like that. Hard. Hot. Furiously attractive. All things that describe Anita Maxwell’s Butterfly


Has your interest been piqued? Well, you’re in luck, I’ve got just the link for you. Click below to read Butterfly on KU (Kindle Unlimited) or buy it. 


I am a submissive and an exhibitionist. Husband is a dominant and a voyeur. We are two sides of the same coin. He organises all of our playdates and pushes all of my limits but never breaks them. He gives me what I need. What I crave. 

“Are you enjoying this?” He asked me between bites and kisses. “Your husband giving you to us?”

Today he has a surprise waiting for me, one that leaves me confused, but so eager to please. I hope he is happy with my performance. 

This story is a quickie. It is for mature readers 18+. It contains fmf, ff, submission, dominance, light bondage, spanking, sex toys, bad language, and a whole lot of steam. Read at your own risk.



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