Cinder and Ella: Dear Kelly Oram

Dear Kelly Oram,

Perhaps you clicked on the link that I left on my review for your book Cinder and Ella and this is you here and now. I hope it is and if not, if you’re someone just curious or interested in blog, thank you for reading as well.

Kelly, Cinder and Ella made me smile. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me feel. That’s what books are supposed to do.

I’m not sure what you set out to do when you wrote this book. Maybe you wanted to highlight on bullying or parental manipulation. Maybe you wanted to show that beauty is something far deeper than the skin that covers us. Maybe you just wanted to rewrite Cinderella in a new way like many others. And maybe Brian and Ella had a story to tell and they used you to do it.

Whatever the reason for your writing, I’m glad you did. I’m glad you wrote it, finished it, and published it.

As a writer, I know just how difficult it can sometimes be to make everything connect or to make every character beautiful in their own way even if they’re kind of the villain. I might be acting presumptuous and none of this was difficult for you. A part of me believes that because reading it now, 3 years after it was released, it seems so effortless.

You don’t merely write a story, Kelly, you weave a tale of sorrow and redemption. Those are the kinds of stories I collect and keep close to me. Those are the kinds of stories that save people from hurting themselves or giving up on life.

I’d be lying to say that the idea of the Cinderella tale is original, but I hope you don’t take that to mean you aren’t unique. Because you are. You are so incredibly unique, it makes me a little jealous. Yet, at the same time, I’m in love. I’m in love with Ellamara Rodriguez and Brian Oliver and their story, their pains and heartbreaks and their salvation in each other.

I know life can’t always be saved with a relationship and a happily ever after. I know that sometimes the girl and the guy don’t get together. I know–like Ella knows–that tragedy can strike anytime anywhere and when we least expect it.

But, Kelly, you didn’t just tell us about Ella’s loss and love. You told us about her struggle to come back. Her rock bottom. A rock bottom that so many never hit and too many do. Your attention to detail is insanely amazing and your talent is so precious, I hope you never stop writing. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to read Brian and Ella’s story.

Thank you.


The Conversationalist


For readers (other than Kelly Oram) if you’d like to know more about Ella and Cinder. Here is the Amazon link to purchase the book. I hope you find relief and something familiar between the covers like I did. Thank you again, Kelly. Hope we meet someday.


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