Tijan’s Works: Part One

It’s time to talk about an amazing author. An author whose name strikes excitement into my very soul. Drama. Chaos. Love. Loss. I cannot get enough of Tijan. I’m on Tijan overload and I’m hoping you will join me. Take a peak at this list of Tijan series and works. Enjoy short blurbs about their story lines. Read them and tell me what you think 😉

Fallen Crest Series

Tijan’s Fallen Crest series is likely one of her most popular. The first book opens up in an interesting way, Samantha, the MC comes home to find out that her mother is leaving her father in favor of the town’s wealthiest bachelor and she’s been having an affair with him for a while. In a whirlwind of activity, Sam and her mother move in with her mother’s new boyfriend and his two sons.

If you are an avid watcher of drama (K drama’s anyone?) tv shows you are going to love this series. Every new installment just adds to the drama. Secret lovers. Secret rich people societies. Painful relationships. Backstabbing best friends. Cheating boyfriends (and moms). I don’t want to give too much away because there’s so much goodness crammed into these books that I feel if I reveal one thing then it will all come out in an avalanche of awesome.


Carter Reed (series)

Tijan’s MC (main character) for this series gets into serious trouble right from the get go. Coming home to find her roommate being raped is not exactly the softest approach to a beginning chapter, but it certainly gets our attention! Emma makes a split second decision that ultimately changes the course of her life. Who else can she turn to but an old friend of her deceased brother. Someone with enough power and money at his disposal to keep her safe. Someone whose very name strikes fear into many who linger in the darkness of the criminal underworld. Can Emma trust the infamous Carter Reed? Or will he end up being the death of her?


Cole (Carter Reed spin off)

Carter Reed spent years as a mafia boss lackey. Then he spent even more protecting the son of a deceased mafia family. Now that Carter is out, Cole is in. He’s ready for revenge. That is until a young widow walks into his life and into one of the lavish apartments he rents out in plain sight. It’s been a year since Addy’s husband’s death. He was her best friend and the love of her life. It’s hard to move on, but finally she’s seeing that maybe if she just keeps breathing, life won’t be so hard. What’s hard, though, is living in the house that they had planned to have a family in. Renting an upscale apartment in the middle of the city with the money her husband left her in death is her way of moving on.

That is, until she meets Cole. He was just a guy in a restaurant, albeit a guy surrounded by men who looked like sharks in a see of small fish. There’s a dangerous air about him, but also something entrancingly sweet. Can she stay with him when she finds out that there are more ties between them than she knows? Ties of the past filled with blood, sadness, and fear.

Home Tears

Storms weathered are survived by the strongest of souls. No one knows this more than Dani. She’s been gone from home for a long time and in that time, she’s experienced loss and devastation. She left home to find a better life, one not filled with cruel aunts, hateful sisters, and a broken heart. The one person that was all hers left her for her younger sister and it was too much. But, now, she’s back and everything has changed, especially Dani.

Uncovering some of the most intriguing, though painful,  family secrets with the help of a (possibly?) reformed bad boy that she went to high school with, Dani reveals things about her past that she never knew. These new discoveries could bring to light some of the reasons for her aunt’s cruelty and her sister’s dislike. Another event rocks her hometown and not only will Dani never be the same again, neither will the town itself.


Brady Remington Landed me in Jail

You would do anything for your best friend. You’d bail them out of jail in the middle of the night if they asked you to. You would do it because they are your best friend. They would do the same for you. Rayna has always done it for her best friend, Brady Remington. She’s picked him up from jail and drunken parties more times than she cares to count. But, Brady sees himself as someone who’s just dragging her down. A sudden decision may wreck their friendship when secrets of their parents are exposed. Can they be together or will it ruin them both?



I’ve already talked a little bit about Tijan’s Anti-Stepbrother in another article here, but I’ll give you a quick recap.

Summer wanted more from her stepbrother than he was willing to give, one night of wildness does not a relationship make no matter how long she’s had a crush on him (since before their parents got married). Besides that, would their parents really approve? Not likely. Still, though, she follows him to college and in the midst of getting her heart re-broken, she meets sarcastic, foul mouthed, frat-brother, Caden.

Somehow, Caden and Summer end up spending more and more time together and she begins to forget her stepbrother’s treatment. But, Caden has his own issues and even though Summer is all sunshine and healing, he doesn’t know how to handle this new situation. Summer learns about sad secrets from his past, but can she heal him with her sunshine? Or will he be stuck forever in rainy days?


If you’ve read Tijan’s work and you like this article, let me know! Really, I need to know how people feel so that I can figure out what else to write. There will be a part two coming out eventually, I’m writing about them as I read them. That’s right! Everything on this list, I’ve read. I’m honest like that. Only talk about what I’ve actually read. It means less time to sleep, but hey, I can sleep when I’m dead, right?


Leave a comment, like, or share. Contact me via the contact tab and let me know what else I should talk about. I love suggestions! 🙂


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