Masters and Mercenaries

I’ve been dying to write about this series for a while now. Don’t ask me why I haven’t gotten around to it. Perhaps, it’s my new obsession with C.L. Stone and authors like her. Whatever the case is, I’m finally getting around to it.

This one is for the romance readers. If you like a little bit of action in your cup of romance, this series is one of the best. Lexi Blake has quickly become one of my favorite romance authors. I hear that she and Shayla Black (some of you may find that name familiar) are friends!

Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries series follows a group of spy veterans who, after years of service in their prospective spy agencies and companies, have retired to the life of private security agents. The first book, however, throws all of their good retiree intentions out of the fucking window. There are gun fights, car chases, bombs, and super hot military men.

Oh, but wait! You thought that was it, didn’t you? Hahahahaha! Oh no, my friends. This series is only getting started. You see, the thing is, all of these hot men are a little more…shall we say, dominant than others. I’m sure, thanks to E.L. James’ little foray into Twilight fanfiction, we all know what BDSM means (acronym for Bondage/Dominant/Submissive/Slave/Master). Blake’s men are all more than Masters of the fine art of killing, they are Masters in the bedroom as well.

*wags finger* That doesn’t mean their women are completely reticent. Oh no. Only the best women for these men. Think Russian Mob princesses/assassins, FBI psychologist profilers, Hackers on America’s most wanted list… These ladies are some serious badasses on their own. In fact, sometimes they end up saving the men.

The book series is already over 10 books in, so I promise you’ll be on this for a few weeks. The newest book just came out, featuring hot as hell Russian accents and sweet women who know how to handle them. I haven’t finished reading it yet, so I’m gonna go dive back in my reading cave. Please fret not, if I don’t come out again for many hours.


If you find yourself interested in the series, book 1 is free on Amazon. There’s a menage in the second book 😉 (There’s also a side series of novellas that are dispersed throughout the series so that we don’t get too antsy waiting for the next book)

What did you think? Have you heard of Lexi Blake and her awesome Masters and Mercenaries series? Is there another series just like it that you think I would absolutely love? Contact me or leave me a comment. I’d love to hear all about it. 😀

(WARNING: this series depicts erotic sexual situations, sexy sex times, whips and chains galore, and hot military men with big guns above and below the belt)



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