Top 5 New Adult Titles to Read


If you’re like me, then you can’t go a few weeks without a new book. (Seriously, I start having withdrawal symptoms and I break down in tears at work…ugly crying. It’s a problem) I have just the solution, though. I’ve worked my way through a lot of books in my time. Hundreds if not thousands and even though I’m on an RH (Reverse Harem) kick right now, that doesn’t mean I’m not able to deliver in other areas. Those other areas being NA.

If you’re sitting there, reading this, and you’re wondering to yourself “What the hell is NA?” I can and will gladly explain it for you. New Adult or NA (like Young Adult is YA), is a developing subgenre of fiction that, usually, has some romantic themes. NA focuses on protagonists that are in the 18 -mid/late 20s age bracket.

The difference between NA and YA isn’t just the protagonists age, however. It’s also the themes the books may have. Many NA books possess darker more serious themes such as sexual assault/abuse, familial abuse, developing sexuality, drug use/abuse, and so on and so forth. It’s a coming of age genre that focuses on themes that some parents may not find appropriate for children under the age of 18.

The following titles are all from the New Adult genre. They do have some darker themes and some sexual situations. But, overall, they all have been given my real deal thumbs up! 👍 👍 👍 I won’t make you wait any longer. So, here. you. go. 🙂



#1. Jamie McGuire’s A Beautiful Disaster

If you haven’t read this book, it’s a damn crying shame. I’ll admit that even though I wanted to strangle the two main characters of this heart wrenching college story, I couldn’t put it down to do so if they were standing right in front of me.

Abby wants to be a good girl now. She’s spent her life under her father’s jealousy and her absentee mother was no help. Practically raised with her best friend, when she moves off to college, it’s time to make the change. She does not need a playboy mucking that all up for her, especially one that fights in underground betting rings. No matter how delicious and steamy Travis Maddox is. Nope. Not happening. But, then he makes a bet with her she just can’t refuse.

A roller coaster ride of intensity left me weak-kneed and loving every second of this gorgeous tale. I just might actually name one of my children after this male protagonist. Why not? All of my other kids are going to have their names picked from characters I’ve read about.


#2. Jessica Sorensen’s The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Jessica Sorensen is known for her NA titles. In fact, some believe that her stories were what tipped a slowly developing subgenre into it’s own category. I, for one, can see the interest and not just because I’ve read a good portion of her books. Her writing is superb and her plots left me feeling cracked open and born anew (I had a serious book hangover after reading one of her books for the first time). If you like darkness with your romance, you’ll love this.

Have you ever met someone who you knew was way out of your league? Someone who you knew you couldn’t possibly have anything in common with, but for some reason you felt drawn to them?

Callie saves Kayden and witnesses something that no one else seems to know. She’s spent years hiding her own secrets, chopping off all of her hair, hiding behind ugly baggy clothes, while her family and friends practically abandon her and stop questioning the reason the behind her weirdness. She really doesn’t have room for anyone else’s problems. Even though he’s a popular football player and she’s a nobody, she can’t stand by when he needs her. Months later, they both end up at the same college and the summer has been good to her. While she’s learning to cope and come to terms with her past, Kayden can’t seem to leave his behind and it just might kill him.


#3. Tammara Webber’s Easy 

So, I’ll be the first to admit, I picked this book up at my local Books A Million because it was on sale and it was cheap. I read the back and it didn’t sound too terrible. So, I got it. AND WHAT A FIND IT WAS!!!

Within the first couple of chapters, Jacqueline is rescued by a hot stranger. After having been dumped by her longtime boyfriend–Kennedy (Yup, Kennedy and Jackie), she’s ready to move on. But, moving on for her doesn’t include a new boy toy. Suddenly, though, this stranger is popping up everywhere on her campus. He works in the local coffee shop, he works with campus police department. Every where she goes, she can’t seem to get away from him. Then she’s drawn to the faceless tutor she coordinates with via email and can’t help but feel as though she’s being pulled towards him as well. Savior boy is certainly hot, especially with all of those tattoos peeking out of his clothes, but he’s got a cloud surrounding him. Something sinister and sorrow filled. Is it worth the risk?


#4. Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s Him

Yes. Yes. Yes. Double Yes. Triple Yes. I can’t say “Yes” enough for this double booked series.

I don’t read a whole lot of LGBTQ, but not because I don’t like it. I like to place myself in the main character’s POV and it’s harder to do when I’m not the gender of the MC (main character) or I don’t have the same sexual orientation (in this situation, I guess I kinda do). However, this book demanded to be read and I obliged. I regret nothing.

It’s been four years since Jamie has seen his best friend. One stupid night ruined all of the summers they spent playing hockey together. Now they’re both about to graduate from their prospective colleges and neither has given up the game. They meet for the championships and Jamie rekindles the long lost friendship, not hoping for romance, simply hoping to get his best friend back if only for a little while. Another summer together may just bring them the closure they need or it may open new doors for the two. Where will the game lead them?

#5. Tijan’s Anti-Stepbrother

Mysteriously one named author? Check. Interesting summary? Check. Read the book. Check. Fell in love. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

It was my first Tijan story and what launched me into her whirl wind of books. (Her Fallen Crest series is to die for) I am pretty sure the author is female. Then again, I though C.L. Stone was a male for a while. So, perhaps, my instincts on author names aren’t the best. Tijan has developed in Anti-Stepbrother an interesting plot line that was creative enough for me to buy it outright and with how little I make, that’s saying something. So, of course, I had to add it to the list. What really sold me on the author, however, were her other books. So, even if you don’t like this one, you might like some of the others that are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Summer has been in love with her stepbrother since before their parents got married. Somehow, even though her stepbrother is kinda a humongous dick, she trails him to college, hoping against hope that they will end up together. (It’s not wrong because they aren’t really related so for those of you who need it, chill, yo) Soon enough, she realizes he’s never going to fall in line or in love. Now, she’s got other problems. Big, tattooed, annoying problems. Problems that she is absolutely not attracted to. Nope. No way. Not at all.

That problem is Caden. One of her stepbrother’s fraternity brothers and he makes a big assholic impression on their first meeting. As the story evolves, though, Caden and Summer get closer. They hang out. It’s the classic case of besties between the sexes. Then there’s sex. What?! I’m not spoiling anything for you, you knew it would happen! Don’t look at me like that. 😦

Anyway, so yea, there’s sex. More problems arise. Pasts come back and low and behold look who is interested in Summer now… It’s not the time to be quiet. Summer needs to grow up and come out of the shadows. Coming of age themes. Love? Or not? I don’t know…there are a lot of problems to work through. 😉 Actually, writing about this makes me want to re-read it.

Have you read these books? If so, tell me what you think! I’m always looking for more reader friends with similar interests. Maybe you’ve read something I haven’t! 🙂



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