RH Dump and More: Part 1

Holy Shit-balls, Batman! Wowza! You guys really like RH, don’t ya?! Welp, I’ve something in store for you then. That’s right. More RH. You thought I was done talking about RH, didn’t you? Well, you were dead wrong. I have  crawled forth from my reading cave…where I occasionally do the work I am supposed to do in order to pay bills etc etc etc. You know how it goes.

I’ve decided, one short itty bitty titty committee little post about RH just wasn’t enough. So strap into your kiddy seats and lets ride this roller coaster. If you are in some serious need of an RH kick, I’m your buddy, I’m your pal, I got ‘chu covered, homie. This time, though, I’ve forgone the links to these series in favor of funny gifs that express my reactions. 😉 I’m just going to dump as much of my RH reads as I can remember at the moment and maybe a few that aren’t. If you are interested in finding the series, I do believe they are all available on Amazon or able to be looked up via goodreads.

Good luck, my little cream-filled-RH-loving donuts (yea, I haven’t eaten today).

P.S. There might be a few titles sprinkled in that aren’t RH or I am not sure of yet. I’ve read them all, but that doesn’t always ensure a complete understanding of the characters’ relationships. I apologize for the inconvenience, but if I mention it, it’s at least worth taking a peek at. So comfort yourself with the knowledge that I, the almighty me, hath chosen forth these titles for you, my adoring (okay, so maybe I adore you more than you adore me, but can you blame me?) crowd.




Beautiful Monsters series Jex Lane

Not sure if it’s an RH. HOWEVER, the MC (main character) does end up with multiple lovers so…yeah. Definitely worth checking out. Supernatural. Vampires, Gods, Incubi, M/M, M/M/M, M/F. It’s a good series. Excuse me, it’s a fantastic series. The newest book Broken lived up to its name. If it didn’t break the MC, it certainly broke me. *whispers* Share in my pain… (WARNING: very erotic, may not be for some viewers)



Songbird series by J.C. Amato

Still not sure how I feel about this one. It wasn’t bad. But, it also wasn’t OMG amaze-balls. The MC has a darker past than most, but with the way she acts, I’m not sure how I feel. She’s still naive and I’m not sure if that’s the result of what has happened to her or not. If you’re in dire need of an RH, I would at least try this one out. It has some interesting guy characters.



My Pack series by Lane Whitt

Always a crowd pleaser. Werewolves? Check. Young, somewhat, confused girl. Check. Vague but detailed enough that I can substitute myself in her place when I read. Check. Writing? … (gif below) I really like this one and GUESS WHAT, HOMIES?! The next book is only a few months away! *wipes away tear of joy*



Divinicus Nex Chronicles by A.E. Kirk

The Divinicus Nex Chronicles are written by a mother/daughter combo. They shove a young woman into a world of demons/Gods and hot guys that make me swoon. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if this is an RH. If it is, it’s damn slow. But, it’s really good and there are a lot of hot guys and superpowers and creepy Gothic schools and traveling to France in very strange ways. RH? Or not RH? Is it to be? Truly?



Godhunter series by Amy Sumida

This book series is forever long. It has at least 20 books so far. I haven’t read them all. I’m not even in the double digits. But, so far, it’s pretty good. With every book, the MC seems to gain more powers. Plus, her awkward humor reminds me of myself. Therefore, it’s easier to displace her in the sex scenes and dream of hot men loving me that way. *sigh*



Broken City series by Jessica Sorensen

Well. Well. Well. Look what a post apocalyptic, Jessica Sorensen, possible RH series dragged in the door. I flew through the books that Miss Sorensen has released for us. You likely will too if you haven’t already devoured it.



Bad Boy Rebels by Jessica Sorensen

Three words. Too. Fucking. Short. 😥 I need this series to pick up the pace because I am dying for more. The 4th book just came out and I read that shit in like …2 hours, yo. But, daaaaaammnnnnnn, is it good. If you hate short books, I would suggest getting the collection of the first 3 books. It’s available on Amazon for .99. 😉



Broken Storm series by Kristan Billups

This series hit a little close to home for me. I mean, I was never raised on a farm or surrounded by attractive men who could ride rodeo, sing, and dance but I mean, I had a pretty horrible house fire once long ago. I didn’t lose my parents like the character here, but her attitude is one my teenage self can relate to. I haven’t heard anything lately about a second book in the series, but I’m sure there must be one on the way. It’s a good book to check out. It’s also only .99 on Amazon, so there’s that. All I can leave you with is that I am ready for the next one. I would like it immediately in my hands.



Faith Series by Nikki Bolvair

This series is so sickeningly sweet that I had to see a dentist after I finished reading it. Faith, who much prefers to go by her last name “Daniels,” ends up falling in love with the most unlikely of boys after finally escaping foster care and moving in with the officer who came to her rescue after the darkest night of her life where her father nearly beat her to death and then moving away from the horrible town that won’t let her forget. These boys though? They have a connection to her past and it may just be too much for her to handle. Thumbs up for this one, cupcakes! 👍👍👍



Wings of Artemis by Rebecca Royce

Holy fuck! I DID NOT ALMOST FORGET TO MENTION REBECCA FUCKING ROYCE. I should be flayed alive 😥 I am not worthy. Rebecca Royce’s Wings of Artemis series is slap-your-mama-in-the-face good. Starting out with an MC who doesn’t remember shit about her past, it draws you in. You’re gonna have to strap yourself down for this ride because Royce’s MC has to become a royal pregnant badass – oh yea, did I forget to mention that little tidbit too? She’s got no memory and she’s pregnant. I wonder who the Daddy is…after all she’s got a few to choose from. 😉



I know this list isn’t nearly enough for some people, but, guys, I can only read so fast! I promise I’m getting my curvy booty in gear. I’ll keep dumping the books I’ve read as fast as I read them. Comment on the books you think I should add because there’s more dumping to come. 🙂


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