Truths About College

Truth #1:

There is so much freedom. Some fear it and resolve to hide in their dorm rooms and make friends with only the girls on their hall. Others take to the new found freedom like ducks to water.

Truth #1.5: Not all ducks know how to swim.


Truth #2: 

Everyone gains weight. Every single one of us. Some gain it by weightlifting like they shove steroids up their bums instead of regularly using their meal plan. Others use their meal plan a little TOO much.

Yes, those in category #2 are like vegan vampires. We continue to eat, but nothing satisfies us.


Note: Some people put on that weight and become hella good looking,

Extra Note: Hi, Jake from Poli Sci 😉

Truth #3:

You will skip class. It’s just a fact of life. It doesn’t matter how much of an A+ student you are, there will come a time, a dark day if you will, where you need the extra sleep or you the extra study time or the extra “whatever” time because there. is. not. enough. time. in. the. day. Accept this early on and you might have a chance.


Truth #4:

Souls are for the weak. Guilt is a part of life. You will feel guilty for sleeping 7 hours when you could’ve used 3 of them to study. You will feel guilty over how much you eat, drink, talk, don’t talk, walk, don’t walk, EVERYTHING IS GUILT INDUCING!

Don’t let it kill you my brave little soldiers, don’t let it.


Truth #5:

When you graduate, you will miss it. Maybe not the sleep deprivation or the constant hunger, the hundreds of hours spent in part time jobs just to get by. But, you’ll miss college. You’ll miss your friends, the late nights with your roommates, the sense of accomplishment after exam weeks.

When it’s over, it’s over. That’s it. Fin. The End. But, that doesn’t mean there won’t be new beginnings.



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