Top 5 Book series to try in the RH Genre


If you’re wondering what RH stands for, RH is an acronym for Reverse Harem a subgenre to romance (in NA or New Adult and YA or Young Adult) that has taken the reading world by storm recently. Reverse Harem books focus on one female protagonist with multiple love interests.

This awesome girl-power infested subgenre has caught my eye and I have to say, friends, I am wedged deep into its spidery trap and I don’t think I ever want to come back out. Below, you’ll find some of the fruits of my newest and greatest addiction and you’ll also find that even though I’ve only started down this path within the past few months, I’ve torn through quite a few series in this genre. Every series/book mentioned in this article has been read and approved by myself. I wouldn’t steer you wrong my fellow readers. ūüėČ

Therefore, without further adieu, here are my top 5 book series within the RH genre that you absolutely MUST try! (and since we’re on the subject of reverse, let’s go backwards)

#5. Jane Washington’s Seraph Black series

Do you like supernatural? Who am I kidding? Of course you like supernatural! (the genre/subgenre not the show with the hot guys) Well, if you do, you’ll love this one. Jane Washington, with her flare for interesting titles, creates an artist in Seraph Black, a young woman who finds herself surrounded by men with abilities that are beyond her wildest dreams. Though there are a few triggering¬†events within the series, it’s got an awesome cache of themes including loyalty, friendship, family, and of course, love. (I’m part romantic and part realistic, in this series, I’m gonna let my romantic freak flag fly).

In this series and with this author, be prepared for anything. I shouldn’t say anything more. If you haven’t read this series, I don’t want to ruin the surprises in store. (Hey, that rhymed!) Free with Kindle Unlimited.


#4. Curse of the Gods series by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve

It’s cheating a little bit, I know, to have Jane Washington on here twice. I’m sorry. There are a lot more than these 5 RH series I have listed and I promise to write about more, but this one I just HAVE to talk about. It’s new. It’s fresh and of course, with two writers, Jane Washington, author of the Seraph Black series, and Jaymin Eve, co-author of the Hive Trilogy (which I have also devoured…I mean read), whose skills are *wink wink* on point, I just had to mention it. Don’t judge me too harshly…(okay, judge away, I won’t blame you. But, if you read this series then you’ll understand why it’s so amazing)

Opening up to a new world, Willa Knight, our quirky and amusing protagonist, is really nothing more than a second class citizen as a dweller in a world that revolves around sols, those with powers ¬†and the possibility of becoming Gods. She is thrust straight into a school where she meets the most interesting of sols. And hottest. Let’s not forget that they are the hottest of sols. Literally drool worthy. Anyway. Moving on…Willa must traverse the treacherous world and go against actual Gods. Fuck. I know. Who knows though, maybe she’ll get out of the friendzone with said extremely attractive sols. Let the chaos reign. Free with¬†Kindle Unlimited.


#3. Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke’s Stardust series

A young woman who has lived her entire life in hiding with her father after her mother is killed¬†is suddenly thrust into the world alone when after all these years, her father’s¬†old case comes calling again. Her father¬†goes missing and¬†strange boys show up, claiming to work for a company that can help. What does she do? Of course she goes with the hot guys! Seriously? What else would she do. Hell, ¬†I would duct tape myself to one of them so they couldn’t leave me behind!

An awesome writing duo, Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke are like the RH/YA/NA version of Lexi Blake! (see Masters and Mercenaries series on Amazon for more info–I’ll be writing a post about her too) They create badass characters and an intriguing plot. I can’t wait to see how their protagonist continues to evolve. And you shouldn’t miss it either! If not for the delectable book boyfriends, then for the thrill, the mystery!¬†Free with Kindle Unlimited.


#2. B.L. Brunnemer’s Veil Diaries series

Though I have no idea where the “Diaries” part of this series comes in (perhaps it’s being worked up to), that does not depreciate the awesomeness of this new author. Lexie can see ghosts, which isn’t all that weird in the world of supernatural, the thing is though…ghosts can certainly see¬†her, what’s worse is that they can hurt her. They can try to shove her out of her own body. But, her new found friends won’t let that happen. A collection of disastrous events and a whole world hinging on one young woman’s quickly evolving abilities PLUS 5 hot guys?! Oh, good lord, I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

The author is known to publish very quickly with only a few short months in between. I highly recommend this mysterious/supernatural thrilling series for RH lovers like myself.


#1. C.L. Stone’s Ghostbird series

I’ve heard that many people believe C.L. Stone and her YA centric RH series, Ghostbird, is the central snowball that launched the avalanche of the RH subgenre. All I can say for it, is that yes, she was indeed my first. And we all remember our firsts, don’t we?

There’s mystery, good friends, hot guys, (somewhat triggering abusive situations), and a hell of a series plot line that grows and forms with every book released. The sister to Stone’s Scarab Beetle series (NA-for an older protagonist and yes, I’ve read that too) with lots of lovely crossovers, the Ghostbird series is a must read! And guess what, the first book is free!


Please remember, my lovely readers, if you have and use Kindle Unlimited, return the books so that our idols…*cough cough* I mean, authors, can get the money they need to live and keep writing. Comment with any suggestions on a series you think I should talk about or promote! I’ll certainly try and check it out. ūüėČ


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