Dating Advice for Ladies #1-3

Advice #1.

Be. Realistic.

You can expect chivalry, if those are the kinds of guys you go on dates with, you talk with, and you hang out with. But, if you are expecting chivalry from someone who burps and farts in public, “forgets” his wallet constantly, and doesn’t pay you any attention, then you, my poor unfortunate soul, have some serious illusions of grandeur when it comes to your…whatever you want to label the man above as.

Chivalry is not all about opening doors and standing on the outside when walking down the street. If your S.O. is chivalrous (in your opinion), respect that and appreciate it. But, if you’re just stepping out onto the dating scene and you want a “bad” guy, someone who is rough and dangerous, be careful with mixing your personalities. Guys aren’t perfect. And the dating world isn’t a romance novel.


Advice #2:

Give what you want to receive, but be cautious. If you want someone who is caring and loving and funny and all around a great guy (or girl-Idk your life), give the same in return. Be caring and loving and…well, everyone is funny in their own way.


But, be cautious. Don’t give TOO much to the wrong person. People who often give TOO much while throwing caution to the wind either end up dead or taken advantage of.

Advice #3:

Put down the Cosmo and Seventeen Magazines. They are not helping.


Admist those “What to wear on the first date!” articles that some how both slut shame and prude shame girls, your IQ is dropping by the second. That’s not saying that every girl who reads those magazines is stupid. That’s not the case at all.

Those magazines, though, only give one side of the story (of many stories if you really want to get into specifics) and somehow end up being offensive to both girls and guys and they also normalize the “skinny is pretty” bullshit. (not saying skinny isn’t pretty. I’m saying ONLY skinny isn’t pretty).

Speaking of Cosmo, I need a drink…moving on.

Basically, don’t let anyone tell you how to run your relationships or your life. Hell, don’t even let me tell you that. Don’t listen to me. Or do. I can’t tell you how to run your life. You own it.





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