Hi there.

This is Bedroom Conversations and it is exactly what it looks like. It’s a Blog.

I’m a young American woman in my twenties. I write who I am and about things that I like. Therefore, if you notice that the writing focuses on certain subjects such as literature, heterosexual dating, or awkwardness, it’s because that’s what I consider myself an expert on. I cover a plethora of subjects from book reviews to dating advice. I take requests. I try to keep things light and stay true to my voice as a writer.

With that said, I do welcome open submissions. If you want to write an article for Bedroom Conversations, message me in the contact section. I do reserve the right not to publish certain articles, but I’d love to see some variation.

So, welcome. Welcome to some brutal honesty, some wacky situations, and some downright strange guides that you certainly don’t have to follow.


The Conversationalist

Current Contributors: 

  • The Conversationalist
  • Beth Knightly
  • Roxy Lynn 


Are you writing a book? Is it romance, reverse harem, fantasy, New adult, or Young adult? If so, I’m a beta reader and a reviewer. I’d be happy to take a look at it! Send me your information and a brief blurb about what you’re writing in the contact section. If it’s already published, send me a link!


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